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Revolutionize Discovery
with Human
3D Disease Models

Generate more human-like responses with more human-like tissues using VivoSphere™ tissue engineering solutions.

VivoSphere™ provides 3D cell culture models for in vitro drug discovery and toxicity testing using tissue engineering technologies.

3D Cell Culture

More physiologically relevant condition for cell culture.


Replicate 3D tumor microenvironment with control over extracellular matrix components and mechanical properties.

HTS screening

Assay-ready 3D tissues compatible with lab automation system.

VivoSphere™ Tissue-Engineered Model

Encapsulate key features of human biology in our 3D models to provide more translatable results for drug discovery.

  • High inter- and intra-batch uniformity
  • Tunable tissue microenvironment with hydrogel
  • Support a wide range of cell types, including non-aggregating cells
  • Encapsulate high number of cells for better assay readout
  • Assay-ready for high-throughput screening

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